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Using CallMom

This document provides some examples of the ways you can interact with CallMom through conversation.

Figure 1. CallMom Layout and Controls

How do I enter typed text?

You can chat with the bot by entering text through the keypad or touch screen keyboard. The text appears in the Input Text Box (see Figure 1). Use Enter to send the input to the bot.

How do I use voice recognition?

Click the speak button to begin voice input. The Google speech engine will detect the end of your utterance. Once the speak button is clicked, simply speak and wait for the response.

The DPAD Center Button (a physical button on most Android phones--see Figure 1) has the same function as the on-screen Speak button. This function makes it easier to use CallMom without looking at the device.

How do I make a call and add a contact?


Call 911.
Call 411.
Call Jane.
Call Mom.

How else can I add a contact?


Learn a contact.

How do I send a text?


Tell John I'm here.
Text Jane saying I will be home at 5 o'clock.
Send a text to Bob saying I am on my way.
Send a text.

Note: When you send text, CallMom will append a signature string "(via CallMom)" to your message. To change this message, go to Menu-->Settings-->CallMom SMS Signature.

How do I search for information?


Who is Shakespeare?
What is the tallest building in the world?
How much is a gallon of gas?
Search the web for cake recipes.
Define algorithm.
What is the distance to the moon?
Who is president of France?

How do I get news and weather?


Do you have any news about the election?
What are the latest headlines?
What is the weather like in Paris?
Do I need an umbrella in New York today?

How do I translate to another language?


Translate Where is the hotel to Mandarin.
How do I say Get me a taxi in German?
Say bring me a bottle of wine in French

How do I read and send email?


Read email.
Send an email.
My email is
Send me a transcript.

Note: You must type (not speak) to teach the bot your email address. For example type, "My email address is".

When you send an email with CallMom, the app will append a signature that says "Message composed with CallMom". To change this, go to Menu-->Settings-->CallMom Email Signature.

How do I display a picture?


Show me a picture of a Unicorn.
Could I see a picture of a tennis racket?
I want to see pictures of Ferraris.

How do I check the battery level?


How are you?
Battery level.
How much battery life do I have?

How do I take a picture?


Take a picture.

How do I correct a speech recognition error?


When I say Stuart I mean Stewart.
Stuart means Stuart.

Note: you must type these inputs with the Android keyboard. If you say "Stuart means Stuart" with your voice, it won't recognize the difference between "Stuart" and "Stewart".

How do I search the map?


Find South Boston used furniture.
Find 22 Second Avenue in Palo Alto.
Where is a good pizza joint?
Where is the nearest Starbucks?
I am hungry.

How do I ask for directions?


How do I get to the Pine Tree Mall?
Directions to 804 Freeway.

How do I get the version number?


What version are you?

How do I switch the bot?


Switch me over to Captain Kirk.
I want to talk to Mitsuku.

Or, go to Menu-->Settings and Select a Pandorabot

How do I clear the chat log?

Go to Menu-->Settings and tap "Clear Log." This will erase the screen.

How do I adjust the volume?

Use the Media Volume on your device to adjust CallMom volume.

How I get a different voice?

You can buy a male voice from Svox. Installing this app will give CallMom (as well as all other apps) a male voice. See Svox Classic Text-to-Speech Engine.

How do I chat with a robot?

Anything you say that is not recognized as a device command will be transmitted to the robot. You will receive a conversational reply.

How do I create a custom personality?

With your account on Pandorabots, you can create your own custom chat bot personality. Add the AIML files from the CallMom open source AIML project to enable device control.

Under Menu-->Settings choose "Select your own Pandorabot". Enter your Pandorabots server name and botid to connect CallMom to your bot.