CallMom BASIC is the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) for mobile devices. Unlike other virtual assistants, CallMom BASIC does not rely on a remote server to process your natural language requests. The AI is built right into the app, providing a more personalized experience with greater control over your private information.

CallMom BASIC utilizes the ALICE 2.0 bot, a new chatbot personality designed specifically for mobile virtual assistant applications. ALICE 2.0 provides natural language responses to your spoken input, controls activation of device features, exchanges information with other apps and web services, and generates personality responses for ordinary conversation. ALICE 2.0 written in AIML 2.0 (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language version 2.0), includes a persistent learning capability, so the bot can learn about your preferences and the app can provide a personalized experience.

AI on your phone

The AIML "brain" for ALICE 2.0 resides right on your device. Some features require network connectivity, but simple chat and local device commands work even without an internet connection.

CallMom BASIC Functions

CallMom BASIC implements all of the device control features found in many virtual assistants such as Siri. Broadly speaking, the ways people use virtual assistants fall into three categories:

  1. Device commands - dialing a number, sending a text, sending an email, checking battery status, activating Wifi and GPS etc.
  2. Information requests - Asking for factual information, contact data, calendar events, weather, news, sports etc.
  3. Personality - Ordinary conversational inputs about random topics for which there is not necessarily a "right answer", but the virtual assistatnt is expected to have an opionion or personal response.
In addition, CallMom BASIC implements a powerful Learning features so that users can have a more personal experience. The device functions, information requests, personality and learning features are described in more detail in the Features document on the app website.

CallMom BASIC scored a 98% recognition rate on the Answer Devices benchmark 1000 questions every mobile assistant should be able to answer.