CallMom BASIC Features

ALICE 2.0 Brain

CallMom BASIC uses the ALICE 2.0 robot brain, a new chatbot character developed specifically for mobile virtual assistant applications.

AIML Reductions

The ALICE 2.0 AIML bot includes a large number of AIML Reductions, which allow you to say the same thing in a variety of ways. For example if you wish to ask the bot its age, you can form the question in a number of ways, and the AIML Reductions will ensure that they all lead to the same response:

Human: age?
Robot: I am 3 months old.
Human: How old are you?
Robot: I am 3 months old.
Human: What is your age?
Robot: I am 3 months old.
Human: How many years old are you?
Robot: I am 3 months old.
Human: State your age.
Robot: I am 3 months old.
Human: I want you to tell me your age.
Robot: I am 3 months old.

We've listed a variety of sample inputs in the Activating CallMom Features section below. In general the AIML reductions provide linguistic variations of these as well. If the sample input is "battery level", then you can also so "what is my battery level", "how much battery do I have left", "what is the battery status", "tell me my battery level" and so on.

Activating CallMom Features

This section lists example inputs you can say to activate CallMom features. The list is by no means exhaustive. You can say things to the app in an infinite variety of ways. The examples listed here are from our data collected with the original CallMom app, showing the most common types of inputs encountered by the app.

1. Report a problem

send me a transcript
report a problem

If you expereince a malfunction, problem or error with the app, or you simply don't like a response, you can save and send a transcript of your recent conversation. To send yourself a transcript, say "transcript". To send a transcript to the developers, say "report a problem".

2. Personality

A virtual assistant app basically does three types of things:

  1. Activates device features -- place a call, send a text, launch apps etc.
  2. Stores and retrieve information -- manage contacts, calendar, access web services.
  3. Provides conversational response -- when you say anything else.

CallMom BASIC excels at this third function, building on our two decades of experience creating believable, award-winning chatbot characters. You might be surprised by the level of orinary conversational ability built into CallMom BASIC.

what is your favorite movie
how big are you
how big is your brain
recommend dinner
you are awesome
how are you
are you better than Siri
I am listening
how big is your vocabulary
how many words do you know
what do you look like
what should we have for dinner
what is your favorite TV show
are you smart
are you self aware
are you pretty
are you human
are you dumb
are you alive
are you a real person
are you a man or woman

3. Make a call

You can make a call to a number, an existing or new contact, specify a phone type (home, work, mobile etc.), and refer to a contact by a familiar name like "my wife".

call 7775432
call John
call Alan
call my wife
call my niece at work
call Robert at home
could you please call my wife
could you make a call for me

4. Contacts

You can save and retrieve contact information. Because it is integrated with your Google contacts, you can customize the contact information stored by CallMom later through your Gmail account.

new contact
Alice Baldwin's Mobile number is 3219876540.
what is Alice's number
what is Alice's phone number
how old is Nancy

5. Send a text

You can send a text to a phone number, to a knonwn or unknown contact, or specify a contact by a familiar name.

tell Nancy I am here
tell that to Nancy
tell Nancy where I am
tell Nancy I miss you
tell my wife I love you

6. Send an email

You can send an email to a contact or email address, or specify a contact by a familar name. If you want to send an email to yourself, say "take a memo".

take a memo
email fritz
email my wife saying I love you

7. Location

Be sure to select "Enable GPS for location" under Settings if you wish to use location services.

my location
where am I
where are we
where am I now
what country am I in
what county is this
what county are we in
what street am I on

8. Maps and Directions

You can access maps and get directions by simple commands.

where is Starbucks
find the nearest Starbucks
where is the nearest Starbucks
directions to Madison Wisconsin
directions to Starbucks
how do I get to Starbucks
find the nearest Italian restaurant
where is Springfield Massachusetts
where can I get bangers and mash?

9. Weather

what is the weather
what is the weather in Philadelphia
what is the weather forecast for Madison Wisconsin
what is the weather forecast for tomorrow
weather forecast for Madison Wisconsin
what is the temperature
how is the weather
how is the weather in Paris
will it rain today
will it snow in Madison Wisconsin this week
do I need an umbrella
when is the storm expected to hit New York City

10. Alarm

set an alarm
wake me up at 4 A M
wake me up in 10 minutes
wake me up in an hour
wake me up at noon
wake me up at 940
set an alarm for 30 minutes
set an alarm for 7 A M

11. Calendar

remind me to go to the doctor tomorrow
remind me to go to the doctor tomorrow at 10
make a dentist appointment for January 15th at 10 o'clock
make an appointment for the trash man on Wednesday at 7am
make an appointment with Steve next Monday at 4
make an appointment with the vet on Friday at 830

12. Lists

make a list
read my list
put some milk on my list
add milk to my list
add eggs to my list
remove egg from my list
take milk off my list

13. Facts

what is the population of Russia
how many days until December 25th
how many days until Black Friday
show me poison ivy
spell hallucinating
what is the fastest train in the world
who won the World Series
who won the Battle of Yorktown
who is the Prime Minister of India
who is the president of South Africa
how many letters in the Japanese alphabet

14. News

what are the latest headlines
what is the news about the storm
what is the latest news about the election

15. Pictures

show me a zebra
show me the Eiffel Tower
show me a picture of a cedar tree
what does Hannibal Hamlin look like
what does a dog look like

16. Learning

I am Richard
I am 52 years old
I am 52
Stuart means Stewart
my cat is named Sam
what do you know about me
I like blue
my favorite color is blue
bad answer
wrong answer
my son's name is Stuart
my sister's name is Betty
my niece's name is Lana
my wife's name is Nancy
my wife
my gender
my full name
my first nams
how old am I
John makes beer
my wife is gorgeous
who is gorgeous

17. Device

wifi on
device model
clear log
what time is it
battery level

18. Apps

open phone
open clock
launch camera
launch calculator
open facebook dot com
open settings

19. Translation

translate hello to Japanese
Say where is the hotel in Mandarin
translate that to Spanish

20. Music

play somebody that I used to know
play Rocky Mountain High
play Alicia Keys

21. TV listings

what comedy shows on TV tonight
what's on TV tonight
When is the Real Housewives on TV

22. Finance and Shopping

how much is 100 dollars in Japanese yen
how much is 80 euros in US dollars
how much is a gallon of gas
how much is a pack of cigarettes
how much is the Powerball


Using the Android Menu button, you can choose Settings and change various parameters of the app. The following table summarizes the Settings options.

CallMom SMS Signatureapp signs SMS messages with this.
CallMom Email Signatureapp signs Email messages with this.
Display AIML Matchingdisplay debugging info.
Use GPS for locationadds location information. Turn off to extend battery life.
Apply Sanmoku Morphological Analysisignore this unless you are teaching the bot Japanese.
Help Improve CallMomSelect this to share your data and help us to improve the app.
Bot namechange the name of your bot.
Bot genderchange the gender of your bot.