Welcome to Pandorabots

Pandorabots is a free open-source-based website enabling you to develop and publish chatbots on the web.

**Pandorabots is the largest chatbot community on the internet**. Through of February 2012 our free Community Service is home to more than 166,000 botmasters and 201,000 ("chatbots") in multiple languages. Over 1.4 billion conversational interactions have occurred between clients and pandorabots, and this number increases rapidly (it can be seen near the top of the center of the Pandorabots home page). Pandorabots are used all over the web - enter the expression "talk?botid=" (and include the quotes) into a google search box to get an approximate *latest number*.

Pandorabots is under constant development and has a very large active community. Pandorabots adheres to open standards for chatbot publishing. To the extent possible Pandorabots itself has been constructed from open-source software.

Pandorabots offers features that include:

  • Support for Mobile and Other Devices: Speech recognition and generation services, and other services
  • Extensive Documentation and Training Classes: available both at the web site and in the community
  • Free Web Publishing and Hosting: publish your pandorabots anywhere you want on the web, including mobile phones
  • Web-based Development Tools: Develop and edit your pandorabots online
  • Conversational Logs: Use your conversational Logs to improve your pandorabot's interactional skills
  • AIML Development and Targeting Tools: Industry standard development and maintenance tools
  • Large Open-Source Knowledge Sets: Essentially pre-built pandorabot 'brains' you may modify to easily produce high-quality pandorabots
  • Large Community: Draw upon our large community of users for consulting and help in a variety of locales and languages
  • A Variety Of Avatars: Made available from vendors and our user community
  • Programable Output formats: HTML, Flash - Produce pandorabots using sound, video, music, etc.

Pandorabots uses AIML as its knowledge content markup language, and many of its strengths come from the power and straightforwardness of AIML and a Lisp-based parsing and translatingi engine.

Premium Services

Pandorabots offers Premium Services as a way to provide commercial support for chatbot developers and publishers. These services are optional. Pandorabots basic development and publishing tools will always be available at no charge, and the basic service will be continually enhanced and improved.


A.L.I.C.E. - The Award Winning free AIML bot that started it all.

Jeannie - download and install this free android pandorabot, which we think is much better than Siri.

Mitsuku - An artificial life form living on the net.