A Tutorial For Adding Knowledge to Your Robot

How about International Languages?

Your robot can handle any international character set. We could have asked the robot a similar question in Japanese:

Human: 私の事を愛してますか?
Full: I have no answer that
Certain language such as Chinese and Japanese assume no spaces exist between "words". For Japanese, Pandorabots can automatically accept sentences lacking spaces from clients and store them internally with spaces inserted between "words". In order to have Pandorabots do this, when you create the robot, you should check the box annotated with: automatically discover spaces between words (suggested for Japanese).

A similar algorithm can also be used for Chinese though at the time of this writing remains unimplemented. Using the algorithm for Japanese on Chinese sentences results in spaces inappropriately inserted. In either case the botmaster's job of matching input patterns is considerably simplified by the automatic insertion of such spaces.

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