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About Pandorabots is a software robot (also known as a bot or chatbot) hosting service. From any browser, you may create and publish your own robots to anyone via the web. We believe that our technology yields the fastest bots available on the Internet. Our pandorabots are based on AIML and spring entirely from the work of Dr. Richard Wallace and the A.L.I.C.E. and AIML free software community based at

There is no charge for using this site. We gladly accept any inquiries for custom versions of this site for particular applications. Send mail to with questions.

No one has yet discovered the true potential of virtual personalities and bots, and our mission is to design tools which will help bots achieve greater relevance in both the commercial and personal sectors. Capabilities such as voice recognition, text to speech synthesis, non-verbal emotional communication, instant messaging capabilities, invoking programs on remote or local machines, content development tools, e-commerce and cartoon animations are under development to help you bring your pandorabot to virtual life.

Saving your work

You should expect numerous changes to this site, so please save your pandorabot creations on your own machine following these instructions: Under the AIML tab, look at the AIML files. Some of the files may be library files and some may be custom "local" AIML files that you created. You do not need to back up library files. You only need to save a copy of the local files that you created. Pay special attention to the file called "update.aiml". This is where Pandorabots places any categories created with the Training Interface. Use the Download link to save a copy of each AIML file to your own computer. (Your pandorabot's knowledge is typically stored in a file called update.aiml and is available via the "edit" link, which is itself available from the "Botmaster control" link.)

Rudimentary documentation now exists throughout the site – see also the Help link on the navigation bar for more extensive documentation. The pandorabots hosted here conform in most respects to the bot specifications given at

About Oddcast SitepalTM

Oddcast Inc.'s Sitepal™ platform (see allows non-programmers to effortlessly publish flash-based interactive characters onto web sites, Intranets and mobile devices without resorting to proprietary plug-ins and does not require a broadband connection.

Their Text To Speech capabilities have made the Sitepal platform uniquely suited to the needs of pandorabot developers. A speaking virtual character (called an 'avatar') provides a much-needed visual embodiment to an otherwise faceless pandorabot.

An integration of Oddcast and Pandorabots technology now allows Pandorabots users to easily add a Sitepal avatar to their pandorabot. Oddcast has made available to Pandorabots users several Sitepal avatars that you may publish your pandorabots with at no cost. These free Sitepal characters are for demonstration purposes and may be used for up to 500 text to speech streams per month.* In order to increase the number of available text to speech streams to 5,000 per month, or to design your own Sitepal characters, you can purchase a SitePal account.

Your own SitePal account will allow you to completely customize your Pandorabot – face, hair, eyes, voice, clothing – and bring your imagination to life.

*One text to speech stream is used for each spoken pandorabot response. Limit applies on a per botmaster basis.

Charge Customers to View Your pandorabot

Our Subscription Service makes it possible to charge people to view your pandorabot. Simply click on the Subscription link on the Botmaster Page, and only the email addresses you input will be able to access your pandorabot once it's published.

You can then charge people to be "added" to the list. How much you want to charge is up to you. The more intelligent and knowledgeable your pandorabot is, the more people will want to pay to access it!

The easiest way to receive money from customers is through the service Other ways include checks, cash, and credit cards. Please note, however, that receiving money via credit card is difficult unless you have a special merchant bank account.

Note: Pandorabots will be adding more services in the future. We expect future services to be compatible with the Subscription services, yet we make no guarantees or warranties of any type.

Commercial Applications

Software robots can be used in the commercial sector in a variety of ways. Please contact us if you're interested in creating one for your company.

Pandorabots offers Premium Services as a way to provide commercial support for chatbot developers and publishers. These services are optional. Pandorabots basic development and publishing tools will always be available at no charge, and the basic service will be continually enhanced and improved.

Sales inquiries should be sent to

General inquiries and problem reports should be sent to